===จำหน่าย=== InkTec Direct Textile (Durasub / Sublimation) หมึกพิมพ์เสื้อและวัสดุต่างๆ (100CC / 1000CC)
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Author:  Nadda [ Mon 27 Sep 2010 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  ===จำหน่าย=== InkTec Direct Textile (Durasub / Sublimation) หมึกพิมพ์เสื้อและวัสดุต่างๆ (100CC / 1000CC)

*** Available now for 100CC ราคา 350บาท / 1000CC ราคา 2,490บาท ***

InkTec's Direct Textile / Heat Transfer ink has been developed on the base of the 16 year ink development know-how, and InkTec has supplied the suitable ink to the large-format printer applying the technology possessed.

The Ink has been formulated to make images transfer well by using heat and pressure, that the colour on the substrates can be deep and brilliant. For smooth ink flow without head clogging, moreover, we make particle size of dispersive dyes smaller under 100nm (0.1um) and use high quality dyes in light-resistance grade to keep the colour. Now, you can get long lasting head and colour.


Excellent water resistance
Excellent light fastness
Suitable production cost & working hours
Reliable, long lasting head performance

Applied Area
Mug, T-shirt, Textile, Bag, Shoes, Clothing, Medallion, Key ring,
Advertising-placard, Back-light film, Picture, Banner, Signboard, Interior-Verticals, Art-tails, Door, Wall paper, Tile, Carpet, Fancy-photo frame, etc.


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